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Room Database 

Room is a library that simplifies the use of SQLite databases in Android applications. It allows you to define your data models, data access methods, and database instances using annotations and Kotlin code. Room also supports Kotlin coroutines, which let you perform database operations in a non-blocking way. With Room, you can easily store, retrieve, modify, and delete data in your app’s local database. Some of the benefits of using Room are:

XTEA Algorithm In Kotlin 

The encryption process in the XTEA algorithm is done by taking each plaintext per 8-byte block and breaking it into odd and even rounds. An example of encryption in the XTEA algorithm is that if it is known that the key is 16 bytes long, plaintext will be used for encryption with 16 bytes. 

XTEA (eXtended TEA) is a symmetric block cypher algorithm designed for secure data encryption. It operates on fixed-size blocks of data, typically 64 bits, and uses a 128-bit key. The encryption process involves breaking the plaintext into 8-byte blocks and applying a series of operations through multiple rounds.

In each round of XTEA, the plaintext undergoes alternating odd and even rounds, where a set of mathematical operations, including bitwise addition and bitwise XOR, are applied to enhance the security of the encryption. The number of rounds directly correlates with the strength of the algorithm, and XTEA typically employs 64 rounds to ensure robust security.

An illustrative example involves encrypting a 16-byte plaintext with a 16-byte key. XTEA's reliance on fixed-size blocks and a key length of 128 bits contribute to its efficiency and simplicity. The algorithm exhibits a good balance between speed and security, making it suitable for various applications, such as embedded systems and resource-constrained environments. However, it is essential to manage key distribution securely to maintain the overall effectiveness of XTEA in safeguarding sensitive data.